SH! Online Chatroom - Chat in real-time with other HOM enthusiasts

SH! Online Discussion Forum - A bulletin board to converse with other HOM enthusiasts regarding various aspects of the lifestyle and announce contributions.

SH! Online Backup Forum - A "refuge" of sorts in the event that the main forum goes down that allows members of the community to stay connected. Currently the forum is very loosely moderated and has been overtaken by irrelevant posts and flamewars.

Ultimate HOM Database - A rapidly-growing database that aims to include every HOM fetish clip ever produced. Each clip is listed with specific details that are searchable and sortable, as well as ratings and thumbnails.

Candid HOM shots - A nice collection of pictures of real-life instances of HOM caught on camera

Max's Mainstream Collection - A huge archive of scenes from movies and television shows that contain HOM. All clips are rated and identified with titles, actress names, and thumbails.

Yahoo Groups - A long list of Yahoo Groups dedicated to HOM. Lots of pictures, and a few videos as well.

Commercial HOM Producers - A complete list of fetish video producers that deal either partially or exclusively in HOM material. Please remember that your business is the only thing that will encourage them to continue making great HOM videos!

Questions and comments should be directed to hombondage@hotmail.com

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